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    About Hardman Analytics

    Built by experienced leaders and analysts, Hardman Analytics provides business consulting services for companies of all sizes. Whether you need a fresh perspective on your small business’s go-to-market strategy or advice on your company’s new product offering, our consultants will help you assess opportunities from every angle.

    Hardman Analytics handles the hard tasks for you and your business — especially when the task is to produce enterprise value that can be measured and used for future growth.

    Whether you need to understand:

    • The topic of health care regulation,
    • The establishment of the legal or business side of a medical practice,
    • The various ways to approach any regulated industry,
    • The various ways to prove that the NPV of a business case can be increased in a highly regulated environment,
    • The complexities of federal government contracting,
    • How to avoid pit-falls in start-ups and small business,
    • or How to manage a legal department issue in a major enterprise

    we can help with experienced input and creative intelligent products and outputs that will affect the client’s business.

    What We Do

    Our Services

    Business Consulting
    Learn more about our business consulting services for physician practices, ambulatory surgery and care centers, and other types of healthcare businesses.
    Industries Consulting
    Find out how Hardman Analytics can help you navigate business decisions for companies in regulated industries, such as telecom and renewable energy.
    Startups & Small
    Businesses Consulting
    See how we can help you in every stage of the business life-cycle, from starting your business and hiring managers to selling your company.
    Contracting Consulting
    Our business consulting services can help you successfully land government contracts and comply with government contract regulations.
    Legal Department
    Management Consulting
    Learn how to keep your company’s in-house legal department running efficiently and align it with the rest of your business’s goals.

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